Boulder Busting

Nothing is more frustrating for a contractor when digging than running into large boulders of Granite or Limestone they did not expect.  Trying to use a mechanical methods to break these boulders is extremely costly in terms of time lost and materials used.  Instead, let American Rock Mechanics, LLC cut that time and cost by splitting those boulders into much more manageable pieces.

Depending on the situation, AMROC’s skilled blasting crew will determine the best route of action to be taken.  Many times with exposed boulders the use of high explosives is not possible due to safety concerns, but AMROC has other solutions utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.  This allows us to break rock extremely close to, our even inside existing structures.  Also when not using high explosives, the amount of permitting and paperwork is significantly cut down which allows us to mobilize almost instantly getting you up and running much sooner.

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