Hydraulic Rock Splitting

Nothing is more frustrating for a contractor when digging than running into large boulders of Granite or Limestone they did not expect.  The situation can be even worse when the location of the rock prevents using any method of blasting to accelerate the removal process.  Trying to use a mechanical methods to break these boulders is extremely costly in terms of time lost and materials used.  Instead, let American Rock Mechanics, LLC cut that time and cost by splitting those boulders into much more manageable pieces.


A truly amazing process, Hydraulic Rock Splitting utilizes many small diameter holes drilled closely together paired with a special tool to crack the rock, even granite, into much smaller pieces without the need for blasting.  Though it can be a time consuming process, when blasting is not possible the benefits vs other mechanical methods of removal such as hammering are very clear.  Check out a video of the splitter in action.


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