Test Drilling

Before coming up with budget numbers for any potential job site, an important factor is determining if there is any rock that will need to be removed and approximately how much is present.  To help answer these questions American Rock Mechanics, LLC offers Test Drilling using our hydraulic rock drills to help your company decide if and how much money should be put into the budget for blasting, crushing, and other rock services.

In the long run spending a little money up front to Test Drill will save much more in the end since planning for rock will allow money to be allocated in the budget.  Also you avoid exposing rock you didn’t expect which causes the price of blasting to go up significantly due to the need for greater safety measures to be taken such as blasting mats.  Going into a job with this information will also help alleviate downtime on the project when dirt or pipe crews come to a screeching halt after finding rock in their digging operations.

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